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Why you should choose to work on WeChat?

Even though you may not have heard, WeChat is a platform that is extremely popular in China. We can compare it with Facebook in Europe. WeChat started like an app that you could use to send a voice message to your friends in China.

WeChat evolved quickly and became an all-in-one platform for Chinese people. Nowadays, it has earned its deserved status as the world’s most popular messaging app with more than 850 million active monthly users.


An all-in-one platform for Chinese People

WeChat became so popular because it did not remain a messaging app. Now it looks more like a social platform. It gives the possibility to create an official account for businesses that looks like a mobile website. WeChat users can use the WeChat Wallet option to connect their bank account or credit card with the platform. That provides the possibility to make payments or buy from online shops in an instant. WeChat includes posting on your timeline, voice and text messages, video calling, image messaging, location sharing, QR Code Payments, and more.


Some of the western celebrities and brands that use WeChat

Justin Trudeau, the actual prime minister of Canada, uses WeChat. He created his account on WeChat during his campaign years ago to connect with the Chinese community in Canada. That resulted in inefficient communication between him and the Chinese community.

Other brands use WeChat to access and connect with the Chinese market. Some of these brands are Pepsi, KFC, Canva, Burberry, Nordstrom, and many more.


An efficient example of how Holt Renfrew doubled its revenues through WeChat marketing

Holt Renfrew, a famous brand in Canada, also uses WeChat. During the Chinese New Year, Holt Renfrew launched a WeChat moments campaign that captured the essence of the holiday and made a considerable impact on their bottom line. Holt Renfrew drew inspiration from the tradition of sending red envelopes as a way to wish luck and money. Back in the day, people used physical red envelopes to give money.

Holt Renfrew developed its digital red envelope campaign. WeChat users purchased red envelopes in the form of Holt Renfrew gift cards for their friends or family. A 10 percent discount incentivized purchases. The result was outstanding. This two-week-long campaign generated 1 million impressions, thousands of red envelope purchases, and it doubled their company’s revenue.


We are obligated to raise a simple question. Why are these famous brands using WeChat Marketing?

Firstly, because WeChat is an all in one app that has 800 million active users. Chinese people swap stories, pay their bills, buy online, and also connect with the world through this app. Brands that use WeChat create a bridge to Chinese customers.

Secondly, brands can create subscription, service, or enterprise accounts and create content. Content is essential in this platform and enables these brands to gain followers, increase engagement, and brand awareness. Each type of these accounts offers different outcomes. You can use the first for brand awareness, the second to make direct sales efficiently, and the third to maintain internal communication and office efficiency.

Thirdly, businesses can use WeChat Moment ads that can reach out to half a billion users. These users are potential customers.

Lastly, because WeChat is the future for western brands and businesses due to its numerous opportunities. It consolidates all of the social media platforms into one. That is the reason why a brand that uses WeChat can gain followers, promote its services or products, sell online instantly and also message its followers with the latest content like blog posts, videos, or different offers.

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