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VANCOUVER ISLAND PUBLIC RELATIONS LIMITED is a one-stop Chinese marketing agency that is in Vancouver-Island. It holds multi traffic Chinese channels that cover 85% of Vancouver Island Chinese communities. We aim to carve out a system that anyone who needs our services despite where they are in the process, what their credit score looks like, how much money or support they have, can go from concept to success. We ensure that the client brand communicates truth, connects with its audience, and continually delivers its promises.

Who We Are

Our Chinese marketing agency ensures your ROI

Focused & Specialized

We are not a do-it-all agency. We focus on social media because it’s what we do best.

Unique Resources

We’ve developed relationships with influencers and media platforms in nearly every niche you can imagine.

Strong Track Record

We’ve helped 100+ brands build up their Chinese social media presence and reach their goals.

Data-driven Experts

We use the latest tracking tools to develop strategies and boost performance and ROI for our clients.

Our experience

Social Media Marketing Service

Content Creation
300+ Unique Content Created
PR & Digital Media
since 2018
Successful Campaigns
800+ Campaigns
Repeated Buyer
70% repeated buyer

We help you to manage your most important marketing channels and test variety of strategies to ensure the best return of your investment. We keep going with your content improvement until it’s perfect for the expected result & until you get a profitable conversion.

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